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Case Studies

Leading Distribution Company Realizes ROI Within 6 Months

A leading US distribution company faced the challenge of having a very labor-intensive invoice processing operation...

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Major Financial Institution Reduces Mortgage Document Processing Time with Automation Solution

A Fortune 500 financial institution was struggling to scale its manual method of processing mortgage documents for peak...

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International Accounting Firm Shortens Client Audit Cycle Time Through Automated Data Extraction of Sales Tax from Client Invoices

An international accounting firm wanted to utilize an automated data extraction solution to extract...

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Furniture Distributor Improves Invoice Processing with Automated EDI Export into Salesforce CRM

A furniture distributor was seeking an automated solution to help make their invoice processing workflow more efficient...

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Global Credit Card Company Accelerates Merchant Statement Processing Speed

A leading credit card company was trying to gain competitive edge in the market for convincing merchants to accept their...

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Fortune 1000 Company Reduces AP Costs and Accelerates Accounts Payable Process with Automated Invoice Processing Solution

A Fortune 1000 company with many clients around the world was experiencing inefficiencies with its accounts...

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Distribution Company Reduces Cost, Accelerates Invoice Processing, and Improves Invoice Retrieval with Advanced Accounts Payable Automation Solution from Softworks AI

A mid-sized distribution company was processing their incoming invoices manually...

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SoftWorks AI Provides Document Automation Solution for Digital Mailrooms

A global financial company faced the problem of distributing and delivering high volumes of incoming physical mail...

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International Accounting Firm Increases Productivity by Automating Tax Forms Processing

An international accounting firm wanted to leverage cutting edge technology to improve their business by automating...

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National University Expedites Transcript Processing with Advanced Forms Processing Solution

A national university with a large student body regularly receives a high number of transfer applications from...

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Global Financial Technology Company Improves Processes with Automated Redaction Solution

A global financial technology company with a diverse range of clients wanted to automatically redact credit card...

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Top 30 Accounting Firm Implements SoftWorks AI Solution for Tax Preparation and Paper-based Forensic Accounting Processes

A top 30 accounting firm was faced with the challenge of handling thousands of paper forms and financial documents on...

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Law Firm Benefits from Auto-Routing & Filing of Image Documents

The filing needs of any law firm are formidable. The files generated by the 75 attorneys and 25 paralegals of...

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Law Firm Protects Client Information with Automated Redaction Solution

A law firm that specializes in the loan industry required an automated redaction solution to redact their image...

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SoftWorks AI Provides Automated Data Extraction Solution for Bankruptcy Documents

A market leader in technology for the bankruptcy industry required a solution to reduce the manual handling of...

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