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ICR Recognition Form Processing

What is ICR?

In recent years, ICR has significantly expanded the range of documents that can be processed by machine. ICR can recognize handwriting automatically, expanding on the ability of OCR to recognize printed text. ICR uses the outlines of letters to identify the words being spelled, allowing the computer to process those words in the same way that it would handle printed text.

How does ICR come into form processing?

ICR is an integral component of good form processing software, because it gives users the flexibility to include multiple types of data fields in their forms, including those that call for handwritten responses. ICR allows the computer to take incoming forms and process them automatically, entering the handwritten data into a spreadsheet or database. This greatly speeds up the processing of forms.

The best form processing solutions with ICR

One of the most recommended form processing solutions on the market is Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. Trapeze has ICR, advanced image processing, checkbox recognition, and barcode recognition, to give you the flexibility that you need. With Trapeze, you never have to worry about having forms that you are unable to process.Download the free trial version of Trapze today!

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