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Digital Mailroom Solutions

What is a digital mailroom?

A digital mailroom transforms paper mail into electronic files. as offices move into the digital age, many are switching from the traditional way of handling mail to the digital mailroom, which allows incoming mail to be processed automatically. When mail is received, it is immediately scanned, and then document automation software can sort it and extract information from the various documents.

Advantages of a digital mailroom

A digital mailroom greatly increases the efficiency with which you process incoming information. Instead of having to read individual documents, many of which are complex and repetitive, such as invoices, you simply scan them and allow the software to do the rest. A digital mailroom ensures that the right people receive the right information, and it also helps ensure that payments are made on time.

Digital mailroom solutions for your needs

The first step to setting up a digital mailroom is finding the right software for your needs. A digital mailroom requires a document automation tool that can use OCR to extract text from scanned documents and process the contents based on the document type. To set up a digital mailroom you can install a program like Trapeze from SoftWorks AI Technologies. Trapeze classifies incoming documents and extracts the text, giving you the information in a convenient XML format. To learn more about converting to a digital mailroom, contact SoftWorks AI.

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