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Best Optical Character Recognition Software for Invoice

What is Optical Character Recognition?

Optical character recognition is a type of software used for the processing of documents digitally. Optical character recognition, or OCR, lets your computer read any text document, even if the text is scanned, and not computer-generated. This simplifies the data entry process by eliminating many of the manual steps and increasing automation.

Optical Character Recognition for Invoices

Optical character recognition is frequently used for invoices because invoice processing is a simple, repetitive task that is best performed automatically. Invoices are easy to take care of using OCR because they follow a fairly standard format that is easy for the software to recognize. OCR can be used to extract information from invoices and add it to computer databases.

Finding the Best Optical Character Recognition Software for Invoice

The best optical character recognition solution for invoices is a forms processing solution, which is able to extract information from structured and semi-structured forms.One highly efficient forms processing OCR solution is Trapeze from SoftWorks AI. Trapeze can classify documents as they come in, making them easier to organize and process, and making the software ideal for invoices. Contact SoftWorks AI for more information about Trapeze.

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