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Capture, Extract, and Process Data from Invoices

Data Capture

Data capture is the method of locating and extracting important data from any document or form. The whole process is accomplished by the software automatically without employing any manual labor. The system is meant to identify the objects, collect the information and enter those inputs into the computer without human labor. This data capture software is capable of capturing the information of a scanned document based on a pre-designed setting. So in office area one of the most purposeful implementation of this data capture job is to gather information from paper files and then save it in the database. In biometric security section this capture is the High tech process of identifying and acquiring data related to finger prints, facial images, and voice prints etc. This technology can improve the security system of any intelligent agency.

Data Capture Technology

Technology is moving fast to minimize the time and maximize the speed of human life. So in your office when you are literally in hectic condition, receiving lots of similar structured invoices, you need not get worried because by employing document automation software we can save a great deal of time and labor. The system will definitely take the advantage of these large numbers of similar structured different invoices and extract the data from within it. Image processing and maintaining a high level of accuracy are the areas that the system is entitled to take care.

How It Works

When invoices arrive, the only task of a payable clerk is to scan the invoice into the automation software. Then the scanned image of the invoice gets converted into the text searchable document. There are many different fields for instance , the amount purchase, the quality, the name of the suppliers , their code and many other things that can be defined into the software so that it can remember which field it has to capture and register into the Enterprise Resource Planning system . After extracting the data when it is sent into the system it automatically make a match against any purchase order. Then only an email alert comes into the inbox of the person concerned for his approval. And the entire process is conducted automatically by the software

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